Maplewood Nostalgia

     Established in 1987 as the Lynch Classic, we're sure that many participants possess pre-digital photographs.
     This page is included as a way to share these older memories.  If you have older photos (PRIOR TO 2000 ONLY), and are able to scan them into a .jpeg file, please e-mail these photos to Jim Casey or Shaun Debold.  If you don't have scanning capabilities please send your original photos to Shaun Debold (please make sure to include your name and return address).  Shaun will scan these photos and mail the originals back to you.
     In the meantime, enjoy this trip down Memory Lane...

Shaun Debold
201 Balcom St.
Mansfield, MA   02048
Bob Burke, Shaun Debold, Tim O'Connell,
Marc Tobin, Peter O'Neil, Jim Casey
c. 1991